Changes to the AAMFT Approved Supervisor Standards from November 23, 2015

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    Changes to the AAMFT Approved Supervisor Standards from November 23, 2015

    The AAMFT Approved Supervisor designation is awarded to marriage and family therapists who have completed the supervisor candidate training requirements established by AAMFT as described in the Approved Supervision Designation: Standards Handbook.

    Central continues to receive inquiries regarding the basic changes to the AAMFT Approved Supervisor Designation Standards which were introduced in the 2014 designation handbook. In response to these inquires, we have listed a summary of these basic changes below:

    • The Doctoral Track application was introduced for graduates of COAMFTE doctoral programs, which allows these individuals to apply for the designation as Pre-Clinical Fellows prior to receiving Clinical Fellow membership and full MFT licensure.

    • Supervision requirements still require the candidate to provide 180 hours of supervision and receive 36 hours of supervision mentoring, but the required training period was reduced to a minimum of 18 months instead of a minimum of 2 years.

    • The candidate should supervise at least 2 trainees. However, the mentor will determine the adequate length of time; in the past, candidates were required to supervise at least 2 trainees for a period of 9 months each.

    • To be a supervisor candidate; an individual needs to be a current Pre-Clinical Fellow or Clinical Fellow member. However, under the doctoral track, a candidate can maintain student membership but must acquire Pre-Clinical Fellow or Clinical Fellow standing before applying for the designation.

    • To become an AAMFT Approved Supervisor and maintain the designation, the individual has to be a current Clinical Fellow member. Under the Doctoral Track, Pre-Clinical Fellow members who are granted the designation must be Clinical Fellows by the time of their first 5-year renewal date.

    • The two-year waiting period post-full MFT licensure or post-Clinical Fellow membership date has been removed.

    • Use of technology for supervision courses; both the 30-hour fundamentals of supervision course and the 5-hour supervision refresher course are now offered online directly by AAMFT.

    • Use of technology for mentoring and supervising is allowed with the guidelines congruent with the AAMFT Code of Ethics.

    • Candidates can have up to 2 mentors, and the last mentor must supervise the candidate for at least 10 hours. In the past, a candidate could have 2 mentors, but to count someone as a mentor, they had to receive at least 18 hours of supervision from that mentor.

    • The definitions of individual and group supervision have been deleted. For details on the AAMFT Approved Supervisor Designations Standards, please click here to download the Approved Supervision Designation: Standards Handbook.

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